USA Humanitarian Postmaster during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake


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Arthur G. Fisk (1868 –1938), was an American politician and attorney who served as the Speaker of the California State Assembly.

After Fisk graduated from Harvard Law School (1894) he was appointed as Postmaster of San Francisco and in the wake of the 1906 earthquake, Fisk had allowed mail to be sent without postage (which was a no-no, and was estimated to cost the federal government $60,000). Fisk "forwarded hundreds of thousands of letters without postage throughout the United States. These letters were written on old cuffs, pieces of cardboard, anything". Thousands were homeless, without food and without means of communicating with relatives. He established kitchens in the basement of the post office and fed hundreds of starving people. 5 years later, an act of Congress exonerated Fisk.

Wells Fargo checks made payable to A. G. Fisk, Postmaster in 1903, signed by the Wells Fargo agent, JC Young.


United States of America

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